About Leda Fletcher Projects

Starting from 1970 the various professional experiences of Leda Fletcher in various sectors: publishing, banking, real estate, shipping, have happened in parallel with the study of Chinese culture. First in Milan at ISMEO, then at the University of Westminster in London and then in Geneva with five years of study of classical Chinese.

Almost by chance in 1999 Leda Fletcher decides to open in Geneva a Gallery specialized in Chinese contemporary art with the main purpose to introduce to the public Chinese artists who were generally quite unknown in Europe. Gallery Leda Fletcher has been in fact the first of the kind in Switzerland and one of the few at the time. Thanks to the numerous travels to China P.R., Taiwan, Hong Kong and Europe looking for always new artists, Gallery Leda Fletcher has hosted almost an exhibition every month for ten years.

In the last years Leda Fletcher had also opened a Gallery in Shanghai, at Moganshanlu at that time the new area dedicated to contemporary art. Now the experience of the Gallery is over and Leda Fletcher is a Consultant for collectors.


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